Airbrush Practice - Alvin and the Chipmunks

Just thought I would go back to trying to airbrush coloring pages.  I decided to try this again since I have a different technique with the stencils.  I'm using Oracal 651 for the main outlines or for any pieces that fall out, mainly.

I cut all my stencils out using my Pazzles Inspiration machine and I convert the image to a vectorized image using Pazzles Pro 2014 software.

For this coloring page I used 6 stencils.  Each stencil is for each different color I have in the image.

Here's the coloring page I used:

I airbrushed the image onto white cotton scrap fabric.  Speaking of fabric, I now know why I was having trouble lining up the stencils after I take off the Oracle 651......the fabric gets looser and not as tight as it was when I started.  Aaaarrrggghhh!  :-)

Anyway, here's my finished result.  I also tested to see if I could fill in some areas with a paint brush. It worked out ok on the glasses on the right, but not so good at the bottom of the A.  Overall, I do like it.  I did a much better job than I did in the beginning when I tried to airbrush a complex coloring page on fabric. :-)

After looking at this again, I like the fact that the white is in between the black and brown of their faces because you can see all 3 much better.

Gina Stevens

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