Airbrush Practice - Girl with Afro Puff

I've not only been practicing airbrushing, but I'm also experimenting with how to prep different materials to see how the paint, both opaque and transparent, will work on them.  This is the first time I've airbrushed on .022 chipboard.  I didn't airbrush straight on it, I painted a subtle white onto the chipboard before I started to airbrush.  I like the way the airbrush paint reacts.  I'm still not so good with aligning stencils correctly, but I'm getting there.  :-)

The smudges are in this practice because I attempted to airbrush the layers without putting any stencil adhesive on the back....not a good idea, especially since my stencil was 110 lb cardstock.  I sprayed too much paint and the paper warped.

The top one is the design straight from Pazzles 2014 where I designed it.  The second one is my airbrush practice.

Well, I'm not practicing anymore this evening.  I'm headed back to designing something else.  :-)

Gina Stevens

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