Airbrush Practice - Prince Symbol in Rain Drop

I'm still practicing airbrushing!

Today I tested this Prince design I came up with on white fabric and on black construction paper.  I've been using clear contact paper for my stencil and for transfer tape.  I'm finding that the contact paper does not like fabric much because it pulls up.  I have to struggle with this process.

Here's the white fabric/white background test.

I wasn't really expecting the overspray outside of the raindrop. I thought the contact paper would hold better, but it didn't.  I also didn't line up the second stencil too well.  you can see the white outside the raindrops.  Overall, I do like it, but it can definitely be much better.

Here's the black construction paper/black background test.  I added reducer to the Createx Opaque white paint and the purple paint.  I think that's why I oversaturated the paper and made that ripple look.  The paint comes out of the airbrush nicer, but the oversaturation is not cool.  I may have been spraying too close too.  I still wasn't too good with lining up the second stencil which is why I have the white showing in places it shouldn't be showing.

I did manage to get this down to 2 stencils, which I like, but I've got to get better with lining them up.

Oh well, more practice to come.  :-)

Gina Stevens

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