Airbrush Practice - Thomas The Train

This is the first time I've airbrushed on canvas board and I learned a few things not to do when I airbrush on this type of substrate again.

I used a vinyl stencil for the black areas.  I noticed that the paint was easily scratched.  I haven't gone back to fix it because I think I might mess it up even worse....I'm not that good at going back and airbrushing over small areas.  When I tried that before the color was off and you could tell where I went back to paint the area.

With the yellow Y, I think I should have put down a white base coat before I painted the yellow because it's see through....the paint is transparent, but so are the other colors so I didn't even think to paint a base coat for the yellow.  On top of that, when I was taking off the stencil I smudged the yellow...aaarrrggghhh!  :-)

I have one more canvas board, but before I tackle this again, I've got to make some edits to the stencils, especially the smile on Thomas' face.  It's way too thin.

Gina Stevens

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