Airbrushing - Canson Sketch Pad

I kind of like when I run out of a specific substrate I'm airbrushing on because it forces me to try another. This time I airbrushed onto some paper in my sketch pad. It's only 65 lb weight, but the airbrush paint did not soak through. That could also be because I have a bit more control on how much I airbrush onto a surface. When I first started airbrushing a few months ago, I would have probably soaked this paper with paint. 
I used Oracal 631 wall vinyl to transfer the silhouette onto the paper. It didn't tear when I needed to pull it off after I airbrushed, so I'm really liking that.
I didn't do any decorating since I'm just trying this out. Oh, I also like the Bristol paper. It's even thicker than this brand of paper. The good thing about being able to airbrush in this book is that I can easily carry around my projects to show to people who may want me to do an airbrush project for them.
Autotrace is a super feature in Pazzles 2014. I like the fact that I can alter any parts of the silhouette that I want to.

Gina Stevens

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