Jalon - Airbrush Practice with Stencil

I finally got a decent airbrush project completed by trying to use a photo I edited in Photoshop.  I'm not a PS expert by any means, which is why I have to keep trying all kinds of things to get what I want.

I tried converting the image to a sketch in PS, but each time I tried I wasn't get much details.  This time I colorized the photo after changing it to a sketch to see if I could darken the lines.  This one, as opposed to just a black and white, did give me more details to work with.

After I do my thing in PS, I vectorized the jpg in Pazzles Pro 2014.  This is where things get scary because I don't know from the beginning if I will get all the details I want.  Pazzles Pro 2014 is also where I made most of my cleanup....besides the cleanup I have to do in PS.  This takes me a long time.

Here's the original photo along with the vectorization and a background stencil I created by using some images inside the Pazzles Pro 2014 image gallery.  The black out is what I use to cover the airbrushed image before I airbrush the background.

I think Jalon was just tired of me taking pictures of him. :-)  He covered his eyes and laughed.  :-)

This is what I changed the original photo to before I vectorized in the Pazzles Pro 2014 software.

I'm really surprised I was able to get some of the letters to show in the vectorized image.

Here's the final version in my sketch pad.

Gina Stevens

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