Saving Pazzles InVue Color Palettes

I made a quick video to show you how to save the InVue color palettes just in case you don't understand how to associate the scp file.

Hope that helps.

Gina Stevens


Print and Cut with the InVue Software

I am in happy land!  I'm so happy the print and cut is working for me now.  When I first got the machine, it would not cut properly, but it does now and I'm really happy about it.  I can add to my already long list of projects to design and cut with the software.

I use both Pazzles Pro 2014 and InVue.  One doesn't have what the other one has, but having both of them completes my projects with ease.

Today I was practicing on some print and cuts.  I found this image on dreamstime.com so I could see if the print and cut could handle it.  Well, it did!

The white border you see is set by the Inline feature in the Invue software.  The settings I used are on top of each image in the photo.

I made some changes to Bastet in Pro 2014 before I imported it into the Invue software.  I did forget to convert text to path, but it's ok since I was just practicing.  :-)

I think I shied away from cutting out clipart because I don't like fussy cutting, but now that the print and cut is working for me, I'll be able to do more of it.  yayyy!

If you don't like fussy cutting, the Pazzles Invue die-cut machine and software will be a good investment.  The Pazzles Craft Room also has a ton of images in their library to cut out as well.

Gina Stevens


Animal Toppers by Pazzles - Michelle Price

You have got to head over to the Pazzles Craft Room and check out these Animal Toppers created by Michelle Price.  They are sooo cute! I was trying to pick a favorite, but I couldn't.  I like all of them.  :-)

You can purchase these files, but if you're a Pazzles Craft Room member, you can download for free.

Gina Stevens