African Diaspora Designs by Gina Stevens

Check out my African Diaspora designs on GeerBubble!

Here's a couple of items.  The mug is ready for you to add a name to it.  Just type in the name during the order process.

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Gina Stevens


Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Idea 2 - Gina Stevens

Here's another family reunion t-shirt design idea I just finished creating (2 versions).  If you want this design with your family name, contact me or add your email address in the comments below.

All orders will arrive from Teespring.  If you want to make sure you get your design in a timely manner, be sure to order a minimum of 5 items.

Afro Puffs Below.  :-)

Gina Stevens

Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Idea by Gina Stevens

Here's a couple of examples of a family reunion t-shirt design. This silhouette includes my aunts and uncles.

If you want a similar design let me know so I can set it up. Just remember there is a minimum order of 5. You can just pass along the link I give you so others can order in the same time frame so you can get the shirts in a timely manner. I recommend ordering at least a month before your event.

If you post in the comment section leave your email address so I can contact you or contact me at tellabling{@}gmail.com.  Take the braces from around the @ symbol before sending the email.

Gina Stevens


Malcolm X T-Shirt

I created a symbol in honor of Malcolm X's birthday this year on May 19th.

Check out the t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and mug on teespring.


Java Expert T-Shirt

Know any Java experts?

Order a minimum of 5 for gifts for your friends, family, or co-workers today.

There are other technology themed designs available too.

Click on the shirts to see other t-shirt colors.

Gina Stevens


Order From TeeSpring - Number 1 Dad with Hearts

A t-shirt design for Father's Day, which will be here before you know it.  Click here to purchase.

Love My Dad T-Shirt

I have other items for sale as well.  I'm still working on the Teespring shop(s), so it's looking a bit bland right now.

Please pass along the links below to your friends and family.  Once I start selling the items, I'll be starting contests and doing some give-a-ways, so stay tuned.  :-)


Net Neutrality Vinyl Decal or T-Shirt

Here's a link to my #NETNEUTRALITY t-shirt (different t-shirts available).  You can also purchase the SVG from Etsy.

Gina Stevens

Summer T-Shirt My Pug Is Cute

Here's a fun little design for summer if you own or like pugs.  :-)

You can order the design in SVG or you can purchase the summer t-shirt, which is short sleeve.


Craft Hoarders Vinyl Decal

I made this t-shirt for craft supply hoarders.  :-)

Which Craft Supply Hoarder Vinyl Decal


Cricut Design Space First Review

I like the Cricut Explore Air, but the software takes a bit of getting used to.  I'm so used to designing my own cut files in the Pazzles software and cutting my own creations.  With Design Space I'm so limited.

I wish Provocraft would allow the users to at least download their own creations to their computers. For instance, I have a flower I want to do a print and cut on.  Cricut has a nice upload feature that allows for cleaning a background off a jpg with ease. Once I clean this background off, I would like to be able to use it in my other software.  Many times I upload files I've created into Design Space, then find I need to make an edit.  I can't edit the file in Design Space, so I have to go back to my design software, edit, convert the file, again, to SVG so I can upload to Design Space.  I just don't understand why they don't allow us to download our OWN files.

Design Space 3 is available now in beta.  There has been some improvements, but there is also some down sides.  They are still working on the software so I won't be too hard on them.  Right now though there's another little problem.  I have to select my device after every single cut in my projects.  It wasn't this way in the previous version and it's annoying to have to select the device over and over again when I only have that one device.

I also wish I could name and edit the name of different pieces directly in the software.  That would really help with organization for me.  I also wish we could select multiple files to delete from My Projects instead of one at a time.

Sometimes I wonder if Provocraft have actual users in their quality control department, if they have one.  I guess the buyers are their quality control team.

Anyway, I'm hoping that some of my wants will be addressed with this software.  The good thing is that the new version does not have Flash, but the Beta version is making me download a plugin over and over again.  I've read where people who are using bluetooth are the ones having this problem.  My take on that is that if you can't correct this annoyance for bluetooth users, why sell a machine advertising the use of bluetooth?

All in all, I do like the software.  The print and cut is awesome.  Very accurate.  The other thing I like about the Explore Air is how quiet it is.  I can cut at midnight and no one can hear it cutting.  That is a big plus.

Gina Stevens


PopUp Cards

Made myself a couple of popup cards this weekend.  I love Underground and just had to make something for memorabilia.

Yesterday was Duke Ellington's birthday, so I made this popup card.

Mother's Day PopUp Cards

Gina Stevens


Straight Outta Perms Vinyl Decal

I think this vinyl decal would go well as a wall hanging in a natural hair salon and on t-shirts or bags.


4 Stencil Edged Greeting Cards with Envelope (SVG)


If you have software that can accept and cut SVG files, check out these 4 stencil edged greeting cards.

These cards are 5" x 5" and the file comes with one envelope.


Remote Access Windows Computer Support

If you need help with your Windows computer I can help.

Listed below are just some of the things I can help you with, remotely:

--How to use the Internet
--How to set up an email account and set up folders and filters if available with your email provider
--Pazzles software lessons (Pazzles Pro 2014, InVue)
--Cricut Explore software lessons (Design Space)
--Run computer diagnostics and scheduling services
--Computer file organization (includes how to put files on an external disk to save space on your hard drive
--How to set up a basic blog
--How to search on Google to find SVG and other files for free or for purchase
--Recommendations on what you need when buying a computer online (configurable PCs)
--Basic to intermediate Microsoft Outlook, Word, Access, Excel lessons
--How to keep with all those passwords you create on various sites
--Fill out job applications based on the resume you provide
--How to create shopping accounts with tips on how to keep your info safe
--Tips on Search Engine Optimization (using correct keywords, etc)
---and more.....

This is a pretty easy process.  All you need is access to the remote software that I use.  You won't have to pay to use the software, but I do charge for services.  We will be on the phone at the time of services.  I'm in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) time zone.

Email consultations are free so that I can assess your specific request properly.

It's safe to use the remote software.  The ID changes often and no one can get the ID unless you give it to them.

Payments accepted:  PayPal
(NO REFUNDS unless I feel I can't help you, but we would know this during the free consultation)

Services start at $25 for an hour or less.  More complicated services are $50/hour or less.

Once you contact me, I will walk you through this easy process.  You can contact me, initially, by placing your email address in the comment section.  I will delete the comment after I've seen it so that your email address won't just hang out in my comment section for people to capture.  OR, you can place your email in the comment section like this:  myemail[@]someplace.com or myemail at someplace.com to keep spambots at bay.

You can contact me at "tellabling at gmail.com".  Change the word "at" to the @ symbol.

Feel free to share this post.  I would greatly appreciate it.

Gina Stevens


Relay for Life Tags for 2017

My aunt's going to a relay for life race this weekend and wanted some tags to put on her cupcake boxes.  I put double-sided tape on the back of them.

I have a different image on the bottom of hers.  If you want them, you can click here to download from dropbox.

Gina Stevens


Pazzles Pi Day Project

Heidi created this cute Pi day project! It's a box you can put some candy in.  The color combination is nice too.  This is definitely a cool box to give to someone in the Math field.

Visit the Pazzles Craft Room to read more details about this project.

Gina Stevens


Pazzles Design Team Project - Gina Stevens

I created a snack bag to share at a March Madness basketball party.  I'm not a sports person, but I'm giving this to someone who is a sports person.

The images on this snack bag are from the Pazzles Craft Room.  I used my inkjet printer to print the files onto some white cotton fabric before I sewed up the bag.

I wrote a bit more about it on Pazzles' website.

Gina Stevens


Crafting Help and Training via Remote Access

If you need one on one help with your Pazzles or Cricut software and don't mind me remoting into your PC, contact me.  I can show you how to use the software to design almost anything.

Fee ranges from $5 to $25 based on the time required.  Paypal accepted, even if you don't have a PayPal account.


Shadow Box File - SVG

Here's a 1/2" deep shadow box you can make for various items.  If you don't have a frame, you can just cut, assemble, and decorate one and add your photos or other embellishments!

With my frame I added a light at the top.

This is what you will get in the file:  front of frame, back of frame, acetate template, and a stand to attach to the back.  The embellishments are not included in the file.

Find the file here for download.

If you want me to put your decorated frame on my blog, just send me a photo and I'd be happy to do that.

Gina Stevens


Trust Vinyl Decal - Sale


This SVG vinyl decal will be on sale for $2 until February 16, 2017 and will then go back to $5.  You can only get this file from this page for $2.

NOTE:  This is not an instant download. Once I receive your payment I will send the SVG file to the email in your PayPal account (if you want the SVG file sent to another email, type it in the instructions box upon checkout.


Layering 2 Color Heat Transfer Vinyl - Video

This video shows you how to prep a design in Design Space so you can cut out a two color design, which eliminates bulk on your object.

You'll also see how to place the two sheets on a surface so you can heat press the design.

Click on the Videos tab above.

Gina Stevens


Key to My Heart Wall Hanging - Pazzles Design Team Project

Here's my Pazzles Design Team project that was due at the end of January 2017!

Gina Stevens

Make Your Own Phone Skins - Pazzles Craft Room

Making your own phone skins is fun, easy, and cheap.  Check out the Pazzles Craft Room for phone skin ideas.

While you're there check out the Pazzles shop and take note of the $99 deal on the Pazzles InVue die-cut machine.  This is the best price and plan for die-cut machines.  Pazzles make it easy to afford a high quality machine.

Gina Stevens


Cricut Design Space Print and Cut Test

I am so impressed with my Explore Air's ability to do really nice print and cuts.  It's so easy it's incredible.  These images are pretty small too.  I use Chrome so I only get a small space to put multiple images to print and cut at once.  In Chrome the largest area I can use is 5.5" x 8", but it's cool, except for the fact I waste a lot of paper that way.  The advantages outweigh the disadvantages though.  :-)

Here are some images I used in my print and cut projects.  These are random images I found in Microsoft Word and in my Pazzles Pro 2014 Image Gallery to test out.  The thing that also impresses me is how my Air will cut out such small areas, like in between the cow's front legs. Wow!  The sun rays are thin too, but they cut out so well!

Gina Stevens


Pazzles InVue Valentine's Color Palette

Check out the cute little Be My Valentine’s color palette.  These colors are sweet!  Color palettes are so convenient to use when making themed projects.  Be sure to visit the Pazzles Craft Room to download the palettes and to check out the downloadable files.

If you like to create your own designs and be able to cut them, the Pazzles InVue die-cutter is the way to go.  I can't even imagine not having this machine!  I can't recommend it enough. Did you know you can get this machine for as little as $99/month?  Check it out today folks!

Gina Stevens


Pazzles Design Team Project - Pen and Marker Holder - Gina Stevens

My Pazzles design team project posted today!

It's a pen and marker holder I created in the Pazzles Pro 2014 software (with some help from the Pazzles InVue software).  The embellishments are from the Pazzles Craft Room, but I created the pen holder, which holds up to 20 markers.  This was a really fun project to make.  I've already gotten a request to make another one.  :-)

Visit the Pazzles Craft Room to read more about my project.

Gina Stevens


Snow Globe Shadow Box by Julie Flanagan

If you want to see a beautiful snow globe shadow box, you've got to get over to the Pazzles Craft Room!

Julie Flanagan's Design Team project was posted and it is incredibly beautiful.  The design and the colors are just perfect.  There's no candy involved, but this snow globe shadow box is eye-candy to me!

Visit the Pazzles Craft Rom for more information and to see other projects.

Gina Stevens


Peacock Heat Transfer Vinyl Design

Found this cute peacock on the Internet.  I converted it to a SVG so I could cut it out on some heat transfer vinyl for my black t-shirt.  I used silver, diamond, and some greenish looking hologram heat transfer vinyl (along with some bling).  This photo does not do the shirt justice.  It's really sparkly in person.

Gina Stevens


Vinyl Cell Phone Skin - Old Kyocera S3150

I watched a Pazzles class last night and we were shown how to make cellphone skins using vinyl.  I had done this in the past, but I was using clear sticker paper, but I didn't make a skin, but an actual sticker.  For some reason the colors on the stickers didn't show up well.  I like this idea much better.

This is my first practice.  I made some little knicks in the design somehow.  Thank goodness it's just practice on my friend's old phone.  :-)

I used Silver Oracal 651 Vinyl.

Gina Stevens


Denim Decoration - Old Jeans

I saved my jeans by decorating them with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) and some rhinestones.  I was really thinking about dumping them, but there's really nothing wrong with them.

I found the butterfly and the other flourish online.  I made some small changes though.

Sooo, keep your jeans and do a makeover.  :-)

Stop by my Etsy shop for SVG files.

Gina Stevens


Hot Cocoa Coffee Mug - Shelissa Rodriguez

This is such a cute project.  This project was created by one of my Pazzles Design Team members, Shelissa.  She added in some yummy treats too!

You can get this file by visiting the Pazzles Craft Room.  You must also be a member to get the file.

Working with the Pazzles machine and it's software is incredible. The ideas you can come up with and cut are endless.

Gina Stevens