Cricut Design Space Print and Cut Test

I am so impressed with my Explore Air's ability to do really nice print and cuts.  It's so easy it's incredible.  These images are pretty small too.  I use Chrome so I only get a small space to put multiple images to print and cut at once.  In Chrome the largest area I can use is 5.5" x 8", but it's cool, except for the fact I waste a lot of paper that way.  The advantages outweigh the disadvantages though.  :-)

Here are some images I used in my print and cut projects.  These are random images I found in Microsoft Word and in my Pazzles Pro 2014 Image Gallery to test out.  The thing that also impresses me is how my Air will cut out such small areas, like in between the cow's front legs. Wow!  The sun rays are thin too, but they cut out so well!

Gina Stevens

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