Remote Access Windows Computer Support

If you need help with your Windows computer I can help.

Listed below are just some of the things I can help you with, remotely:

--How to use the Internet
--How to set up an email account and set up folders and filters if available with your email provider
--Pazzles software lessons (Pazzles Pro 2014, InVue)
--Cricut Explore software lessons (Design Space)
--Run computer diagnostics and scheduling services
--Computer file organization (includes how to put files on an external disk to save space on your hard drive
--How to set up a basic blog
--How to search on Google to find SVG and other files for free or for purchase
--Recommendations on what you need when buying a computer online (configurable PCs)
--Basic to intermediate Microsoft Outlook, Word, Access, Excel lessons
--How to keep with all those passwords you create on various sites
--Fill out job applications based on the resume you provide
--How to create shopping accounts with tips on how to keep your info safe
--Tips on Search Engine Optimization (using correct keywords, etc)
---and more.....

This is a pretty easy process.  All you need is access to the remote software that I use.  You won't have to pay to use the software, but I do charge for services.  We will be on the phone at the time of services.  I'm in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) time zone.

Email consultations are free so that I can assess your specific request properly.

It's safe to use the remote software.  The ID changes often and no one can get the ID unless you give it to them.

Payments accepted:  PayPal
(NO REFUNDS unless I feel I can't help you, but we would know this during the free consultation)

Services start at $25 for an hour or less.  More complicated services are $50/hour or less.

Once you contact me, I will walk you through this easy process.  You can contact me, initially, by placing your email address in the comment section.  I will delete the comment after I've seen it so that your email address won't just hang out in my comment section for people to capture.  OR, you can place your email in the comment section like this:  myemail[@]someplace.com or myemail at someplace.com to keep spambots at bay.

You can contact me at "tellabling at gmail.com".  Change the word "at" to the @ symbol.

Feel free to share this post.  I would greatly appreciate it.

Gina Stevens

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