2017 in Roman Numerals T-Shirt Design

MMXVII T-Shirt and Mug Design.  Order today!  Thanks.

Craft Hoarder T-Shirt Designs by Gina Stevens

Just finished up creating more craft hoarding t-shirts!  Not sold in stores, yet.  :-)

Gina Stevens


Number 1 Dad Father's Day Trophy SVG

Father's Day SVG in my Etsy shop.

Get a t-shirt or mug here or here.


African Diaspora Designs by Gina Stevens

Check out my African Diaspora designs on Gearbubble!

Here's a couple of items.  The mug is ready for you to add a name to it.  Just type in the name during the order process.

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Gina Stevens


Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Idea 2 - Gina Stevens

Here's another family reunion t-shirt design idea I just finished creating (2 versions).  If you want this design with your family name, contact me or add your email address in the comments below.

All orders will arrive from Teespring.  If you want to make sure you get your design in a timely manner, be sure to order a minimum of 5 items.

Afro Puffs Below.  :-)

Gina Stevens

Family Reunion T-Shirt Design Idea by Gina Stevens

Here's a couple of examples of a family reunion t-shirt design. This silhouette includes my aunts and uncles.

If you want a similar design let me know so I can set it up. Just remember there is a minimum order of 5. You can just pass along the link I give you so others can order in the same time frame so you can get the shirts in a timely manner. I recommend ordering at least a month before your event.

If you post in the comment section leave your email address so I can contact you or contact me at tellabling{@}gmail.com.  Take the braces from around the @ symbol before sending the email.

Gina Stevens


Malcolm X T-Shirt

I created a symbol in honor of Malcolm X's birthday this year on May 19th.

Check out the t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and mug on teespring.


Java Expert T-Shirt

Know any Java experts?

Order a minimum of 5 for gifts for your friends, family, or co-workers today.

There are other technology themed designs available too.

Click on the shirts to see other t-shirt colors.

Gina Stevens


Order From TeeSpring - Number 1 Dad with Hearts

A t-shirt design for Father's Day, which will be here before you know it.  Click here to purchase.

Love My Dad T-Shirt

I have other items for sale as well.  I'm still working on the Teespring shop(s), so it's looking a bit bland right now.

Please pass along the links below to your friends and family.  Once I start selling the items, I'll be starting contests and doing some give-a-ways, so stay tuned.  :-)


Net Neutrality Vinyl Decal or T-Shirt

Here's a link to my #NETNEUTRALITY t-shirt (different t-shirts available).  You can also purchase the SVG from Etsy.

Gina Stevens

Summer T-Shirt My Pug Is Cute

Here's a fun little design for summer if you own or like pugs.  :-)

You can order the design in SVG or you can purchase the summer t-shirt, which is short sleeve.


Cricut Design Space First Review

I like the Cricut Explore Air, but the software takes a bit of getting used to.  I'm so used to designing my own cut files in the Pazzles software and cutting my own creations.  With Design Space I'm so limited.

I wish Provocraft would allow the users to at least download their own creations to their computers. For instance, I have a flower I want to do a print and cut on.  Cricut has a nice upload feature that allows for cleaning a background off a jpg with ease. Once I clean this background off, I would like to be able to use it in my other software.  Many times I upload files I've created into Design Space, then find I need to make an edit.  I can't edit the file in Design Space, so I have to go back to my design software, edit, convert the file, again, to SVG so I can upload to Design Space.  I just don't understand why they don't allow us to download our OWN files.

Design Space 3 is available now in beta.  There has been some improvements, but there is also some down sides.  They are still working on the software so I won't be too hard on them.  Right now though there's another little problem.  I have to select my device after every single cut in my projects.  It wasn't this way in the previous version and it's annoying to have to select the device over and over again when I only have that one device.

I also wish I could name and edit the name of different pieces directly in the software.  That would really help with organization for me.  I also wish we could select multiple files to delete from My Projects instead of one at a time.

Sometimes I wonder if Provocraft have actual users in their quality control department, if they have one.  I guess the buyers are their quality control team.

Anyway, I'm hoping that some of my wants will be addressed with this software.  The good thing is that the new version does not have Flash, but the Beta version is making me download a plugin over and over again.  I've read where people who are using bluetooth are the ones having this problem.  My take on that is that if you can't correct this annoyance for bluetooth users, why sell a machine advertising the use of bluetooth?

All in all, I do like the software.  The print and cut is awesome.  Very accurate.  The other thing I like about the Explore Air is how quiet it is.  I can cut at midnight and no one can hear it cutting.  That is a big plus.

Gina Stevens